5 Types Of Gun Safes You May Need

Gun safes have been designed to keep your guns safe. Recent reports have revealed that each year thousands of accidental shootings occur in the US alone. This is as a result of the presence of a firearm in the home. If like most Americans own a gun, then there’s every need for you to get a gun safe to ensure that your gun does not get into the wrong hands one of these days. You will find it surprising to know that there are a number of these gun safes you can choose from to store your firearms. Some of them include but are definitely not limited to these;

1. Electronic Gun Safes

This is one of the most popular types of gun safes in the market. It is operated with the help of a keyboard and a tiny screen. Basically, this type of gun safe is programmed to request a passcode or password before it is unlocked. With the help of the keyboard, you can input your passcode which will appear on the screen.

If you suspect that someone has discovered the passcode, you can have it reprogrammed. You just need to input a new passcode and verify it.

2. Biometric Gun Safes

This type of gun safe has been described by most people as the safest gun safe type in the market at the moment. Unlike the electronic safe that will require you to input a password, the biometric safe will require you to place your finger on the “fingerprint scanner”. The safe will only open when it has confirmed that the fingers match the exact one which it was programmed with. This safe is described as the safest because it is impossible for two people to have matching fingerprints.

3. Key Lock Safe

This is the conventional lock system where you’d have to place the key between the lock to open. While this type of safe may be reliable, loss of key means that you cannot access the safe. Also, if not kept in a safe and secret place, anyone can get their hands on it and may tamper with your gun. To prevent this from happening, it is best that you store the key in a secret place. If in the event that you misplace the key, you would need the services of a locksmith.

4. Fireproof Safes

This type of gun safe has been designed with materials that make it extremely difficult for your gun to be damaged during a fire outbreak. In addition to fireproof safes, there are also waterproof safes as well.

5. Car Gun Safes

This type of gun safe is ideal for handguns at the same time offering you space for storing other valuable items. Some of these gun safes have been designed to comfortably fit in a compartment in your vehicle. Also, there are other larger gun safes that have been designed for larger vehicles. This safe is ideal for those who make use of their firearm regularly.