Best Security CCTV products of 2020

CCTV security cameras.

Nest Cam Outdoor

This one is one of the best outdoor CCTV systems you can get and this doesn’t mean it is not great indoor too. As a matter of fact, it is great for both. It is a waterproof CCTV camera in Google’s Nest range. This one is simply awesome because it features an app, this companion app has the ability to view footage of 30days before, to make this more wonderful it doesn’t store on your memory, it stores it all in a cloud. This camera is also wonderful in that it has the ability to precisely distinguish between an object and a human being even at night or in places with low light. It has a video quality of 1080p HD. It also features a sightline. This sightline helps you find specific events faster. It has the ability to keep recording for 24hrs, all day long, all month. It also has a great night vision feature. You definitely can’t go wrong on this one.

Logi Circle 2

Pure class!! Both an indoor and outdoor system for your monitoring and protection. You have to laud the video quality of this one with the 1080p HD video quality. It also connects with your phone perfectly fine and you don’t always need an actual TV. Connect to your mobile phone through Bluetooth. It is waterproof as well as weatherproof and thus includes the sun and snow. It features night vision which is great because it means it still functions optimally in the dark or at night. It has a lens that is able to see things in the 180 degrees frame. This means that this camera can see everything in front of it and you just need to make sure there’s no space behind it. It works very well with Alexa, Amazon, and Apple.

Foscam C2

Great price, awesome value!! This CCTV camera is really good and compared to the price at which it sells, it is absolutely great. This one is also an indoor IP camera. It features the picture quality of other greats with 1080p HD video quality. Unlike the rest, it does allow you to store your videos in an SD card. If you would prefer a cloud service, it also allows that too. It doesn’t give a 180-degree viewing though, it gives a 110 degree. It features 2-way audio, thus you can communicate with someone through the camera. It also features night vision, allowing it to still be relevant at night. It might have a problem with the quality of the picture when zoomed though.

Arlo Q

This is more like perfection on every side. The Arlo Q has a 5-star rating on almost everywhere it features and that’s simply because it is awesome. It has a 1080p HD video quality, as usual, it has cloud storage which gives you as much as 7 days free of monitoring without paying, it gives you the ability to connect to 5 other cameras and an upgrade will let you connect to a possible 15 cameras. It features 2-way audio thus enabling communication and many more. It has an app which you can use to control it and view things on your phone.